This is a show you’ll be talking about for a long time afterwards…

…be amused

by the hilarious antics of the volunteers onstage.
Imagine laughing so hards there’s tears streaming down your cheeks and your belly hurts!

…be amazed

by the incredible wonders of the human mind.
It’s a profound experience for some to discover just what their mind is capable of!

…be involved

with the action onstage….or witness your friends and colleagues doing wild and wacky things.
The participants are definitely the stars of the show!!

Here’s what people are saying…

“It was the best hypnosis show I’ve been to. There was no doubt some people were completely hypnotised. So many laugh out loud moments, esp with the martians and losing the Xmas puppy and chasing it around the room. Best value night in ages!!”


“Really enjoyed the show, was in constant laughter!! Next time I might be brave and volunteer.. Highly recommended.”


It’s a funny, energetic, engaging night’s entertainment

Comedy/hypnosis at it’s finest

Come along to an evening of entertainment that’s a whole lot more exciting than your average night out!