About the show…

What actually happens at a comedy hypnosis show?

The show begins with a brief intro and a little bit of explanation to de-mystify the idea of hypnosis.
The whole audience is then invited to join in with some simple experiments to give everyone a chance to experience the process.
After that, individual volunteers are invited up onto the stage for a deeper exploration of the wonders of the human mind.

Are you going to make us look stupid?

No!!! The people on stage have more fun than anyone else!! I want you to tell all your friends how great it was.

Is this some kind of mind control?

No, it’s a normal part of how your mind works….we’re just using it to have fun.
You do like to have fun, don’t you?

About the hypnotist…

Richard has been entertaining audiences since the tender age of 9, initially as a musician and more recently as a Stage Hypnotist.
He has performed all over New Zealand and internationally on cruise ships all around the world.

Richard has also been involved in the self-development industry for over 15 years, helping people create change and get past stuck points in both their personal and business lives.

About the monkey…

We don’t know quite where he came from….he just showed up one day….wandered in, sat down and made himself at home.

We still don’t know his name, but he’s become an invaluable member of The Hypno Show team.